You must have heard that “Content is King”, but that’s actually a misleading and vague statement. Content is the kingdom. It’s actually made up of various individual pieces that are combined to develop something greater i.e., an effective Content Marketing strategy. 

You need to focus on the type of content that actually aids you to reach out to a wider audience, increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and improve the ROI of your brand.

To reach your target audience effectively, here are 6 types of content to add to your marketing toolkit to drive growth. 

6 most effective types of Content- 

Various content formats are available out there and each type present here serves a different objective and promotes your brand differently. Choose the one that suits your business needs and offers the best ROI to help your company grow.

1. Blog posts

A recent case study reveals that 84% of customers decide upon the final purchasing action of any product/service only after reading about them on a blog. That is why blog posts are considered as one of the most effective content marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.  

  • Blog posts inform consumers about your products, brand, knowledge & expertise in a particular field.
  • Blogs with detailed, relevant, and high-quality content can be a great tool to make it interesting for the audience, thereby building trust and authority among the audience and subsequently driving conversion rate.
  • They’re highly shareable and easily get discovered by search engines if it contains relevant and up-to-date content that consumers seek.
  • Blog posts are goldmines for keyword Optimization and increasing inbound links. So post blogs with multiple targeted & relevant keywords, specifically the long-tail ones that boost traffic and growth and increase link ratings on the SERPs towards your website.

2. Infographics

You must have a lot of ideas and concepts regarding your brand in mind. But delivering them completely through a blog format might get complex and becomes way too hard to explain to potential customers. 

  • The use of organized visuals i.e., Infographics to share your ideas will work as a solution, as they prioritize bullet points and numbers instead of long-form content. 
  • In fact, as shown in research, Infographics make a piece of content 30 times more fully consumable by consumers as compared to a blog post and they are shared 3 times more often than any other content type. 
  • Infographics make proper use of statistics and facts in a visual format (including the use of icons and images) that becomes engaging, shareable, and easy to read and understand. 
  • Since it is easily understood by the consumers, the chances of driving more quality traffic toward your website and content get higher. 
  • Numerous tools are available out there like Canva, PiktoChart, Visme, and co to help you develop infographic content online.  

3. Ebooks and Whitepapers 

  • Ebooks also known as Electronic books are a type of long-form content often available as PDF downloads or in HTML format.
  • Similarly, White Papers are a type of long-form content, only that it contains more information than the article, but less than an eBook.
  • If you have a potential audience that focuses more on fact-based research to back up their claims, then a whitepaper and ebooks are where they’ll find solutions to all their problems. 
  • They have numerous benefits including lead generation, growing email lists, and demonstrating and establishing authority. 
  • Make sure to use chapters, bullets, graphics, statistics, facts, and other formatting elements to break up the content and make the content visually more appealing to the audience.
  • Focus on the title and design too, because that is what attracts and engages the audience to read it.
  • Since both Ebooks and whitepapers require information like name and email address before getting downloaded, you have a benefit for your email marketing strategy. 
  • It will help you to gain and retain subscribers if you provide them with valuable takeaways from your content.

4. Social Media

A recent study has shown that over 4.41 billion people will be having their presence across various social platforms. So, do you still have a query on how to connect with prospective audiences? Well, you don’t have to look much further as Social Media is the answer to all your queries.  

  • Multiple content marketing strategies & tools have been created to specifically attract and engage with audiences on social media platforms.
  • You might find it tough to attract new consumers to your website or any other social platforms, but once they arrive, there are numerous social media tactics to tell them how to stay in touch.
  • Frequently update your social profiles to let the audience stay alert about new content/services, exciting updates, or promotional offers.  
  • Consider what your audience is looking out for and what they’re expecting from your brand and provide help through social media platforms accordingly.

5. Newsletters and Email Lists

If you have a business that consistently has new products launched, updates or information to deliver to the potential audience, an email newsletter will work most effectively for reaching out to a wider audience.

  • Email content has far away generated the highest ROI through content used by both B2B and B2C organizations.
  • They’re simple, precise, and compelling and 64% of businesses find it the most effective and beneficial way to reach out to consumers. 
  • Give some extra focus on email headlines, so they won’t end up in the spam or trash folders.
  • Add relevant CTA at the end of the mail to encourage your reader to move in a specific direction and take action.
  • Form a trigger-based email system that creates semi-personalized email content based on user behavior. 
  • Two most essential components of email strategy- Newsletters and Drip campaigns.

6. Podcasting

  • A podcast typically is a collection of audio content, often coming in a series of episodes that features different hosts to discuss a particular topic or event.
  • Unlike any other type of content, podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years. They are a great way to reach a wider audience, and increase conversion and ROI.  
  • Podcasts let you consume the content passively like you can listen to them while driving or at the gym, but can’t read an article in the same space. 
  • You can even invite guests, speakers, or networks to discuss relevant issues, share stories or connect with the audience during episodes and can also ask the audience to send in questions or topics for further episodes. 
  • Streaming giants like Spotify and Youtube are embracing and promoting the podcast trend, so definitely they’re going to be part of our future 


There are various content formats available that can give your brand a competitive edge. So, Choose the right type of content for your business that will help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy. Using a unique combination of content formats, can aid you in attracting a wider audience and driving traffic toward your brand. Contact Content Fayah to grow your business with content.