With the evolving market scenario at a fast pace, content creators are constantly consumed with creative unique high-quality marketing strategies. 

Let us dig deeper to know a couple of content hacks to increase traction: 

  1. Merge with influencers: 

There is a trend when influencers in your news feed share about their experiences with the products/ services then a certain trust is created and we get an urge to at least try it once. These influencer marketing hacks are proving good for businesses for their products and services because of the way they create engagement with real-life experiences. These influencers have a habit of creating content with a touch of regular habits hence we as consumers connect better. This results in helping them to increase traction. 

  1. TikTok & Instagram: 

The content creators on TikTok and Instagram have an immense number of followers. They present the content in uniquely creative ways which are displayed multiple times on the news feed and people also searched for or people also viewed lists. This hack has shown to have increased traction because of its multiple times being shown on the wider space to diversified viewers. 

  1. Call to action: 

When we are shown that by using the special promo codes for a limited time period then there is a drive of excitement to try the highly rated and the buzz around the product/service. We end up DM-ing to know the special promo code. We participate in the giveaway tasks that are asked to be done like following the page, commenting, tagging friends, sharing the story for 24 hours on our personal page while tagging that brand, etc. All these are smart hacks to increase traction. 

  1.  In-app shops: 

When we are shown ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. i.e. all the social media platforms then we prefer to instantly grab the offer displayed. For this in-app shops come in handy to us. This content hack has proven to increase traction so much more. The moment we are directed to the website page we lose interest. If you notice, Digital media platforms that have in-app shops show better sales. 

  1. News hacking: 

You must incorporate the trending news if you desire to increase traction in your business. The more relevant the content is to the trending news the better the rise in engagement for consumers to feel connected and tend to find solutions to their issues. Everyone is sailing in a similar boat so it is easier to grasp the touch if regular scenarios are creatively displayed and provide aid to the consumers. This trending news hacking tactic has proven to be good to increase traffic for the business. 

  1. Keep an eye on your competitors: 

The shortest way in finding the right keywords used so that google and Seo pick up your business in the highest ranks is by keeping track of competitors strategies. Decode it and then visualize your plans similarly in a creative way. This quick hack of increasing traction can be done by using keyword research tools and most importantly modeling the competitors. 

  1. Involve humor: 

You respond better to memes and content which has a lighter happier note. After all, we all are looking for an escape from our monotonous dull lives. This is the reason we dwell on social media platforms. You respond better to trending news that must be digitalized into memes and eventually creatively used by businesses for their increased traffic i.e. customer acquisition. The phenomenon of memes is highly effective in a major increase in traction. 

  1. Repeat the dress but in a different style each time: 

Just like you end up filling your cupboards because you are never ready to part ways with those favorite dresses because when you wore it you got the maximum number of compliments. It is similar when a post shows massive acceptance and engagement from customers who are really important and close to your hearts as well as pocket-filling to your business. So, in this case, the hack is to redesign the same post, it can be used as a podcast episode, YouTube video, email marketing, social media posts/reels/stories, etc. the audiences who didn’t watch it earlier it is new to them. But the trick is not to bore the ones who have already seen it so make sure it is all done at the correct time. After all, you desire to increase traction not lose it. 

  1. Infographics: 

Consumers are moody and always prefer looking at things that are prettier and at the same time provide useful insights into the topic. This is when infographics come has a hack to increase traction. Every piece of information and at the same time call to action can be merged creatively and aesthetically in infographics. 

  1. Customer satisfaction: 

At the end of the day, your business is meant to provide satisfaction to the customers and be profitable to you at the same time. You must believe in the power of customer loyalty for a successful business. Each customer’s feedback and rating should be taken into consideration and then strive towards more success. After all, success is happily felt when there is customer retention. A quick hack to increase traction is by spreading positive feedback on various social media channels of your business. It is helpful to your business for trust building. 

  1. Quick hack for the landing page: 

You come across appealing offers and instantly add products to the shopping cart from the in-app stores. All this is done in a fraction of a second because of the amazing deal displayed creatively in the advertisements. But at the time of payment, we all have a habit of thinking once so this is when we read the product/service reviews. To increase traction, you must display organic reviews to make the potential customer click on the “order now” option. 

  1. The power of the recommendation engine: 

There is always a moment when you come across words like these “Style with,” “Others also bought,” and “If you liked this post, you’d love these related articles” etc., and because this piece of content was interesting and engaging to you then you take further steps to dig deeper. This is an e-commerce marketer hack to increase traction. Since the recommendation was from a trustworthy page/ influencer then you as a potential customer give a trial to explore more. 

  1. Show options:  

You like it when everything similar is instantly shown so that it is easier to compare and make a decision. more color options available for the same product, when shown together on the same page, is better to keep the interest of customers intact. rather than clicking back to explore all the options for that specific category of the product then the interest is lost. At the same time when the option below shows how to style it further and what more can be teamed up then customers get excited hence it is a hack that increases the traction on the page. 

Share in the comments your personal hack for increasing traction on your page. 

Wouldn’t it be exciting to guide others and be their role model by letting them know your set of hacks to increase traction to your business?

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