“A picture speaks a thousand words,” they say. It’s amazing how content marketing validates this adage. A business’s marketing works 80% of the time because someone uses visuals and images to prove his point instead of just writing paragraphs to bore people. 

Images and visuals speak louder than words and attract people easily. Influencers display themselves with products rather than just explain them in text because they know customers are drawn by what they see, not just what they read.

Therefore, welcome to content marketing, where ideas are brought to life and words interact with wonder. Let us dive deep into this topic and discuss why visuals, images, and videos are important in content marketing.

  1. Memorable visuals build connections

According to scientific research, it has been proven that visuals are remembered 60 times faster than text. Installing images or visuals that line up with the brand’s message affects the brain’s natural capability to remember images better than text. This increases the audience’s chances of withholding the information conveyed to them.  

Furthermore, it provides an extra layer of comprehension and engagement that catches attention and leaves a strong impression on memory. 

  1.  Visuals increase organic visibility

Using visuals and images not only attracts eyes but also increases engagement and visibility. Using visuals in SEO content will automatically increase its visibility and reach compared to plain text.

Hubspot’s research on social media shows that a post containing an image received 2.3 times more comments than a post with plain text.

Visuals also increase SEO by including keywords as alt text to images and Google’s SERPs.

  1.  People prefer images

The fast-paced generation that we live in requires attention to anything and everything; visuals catch them and keep them hooked on themselves. When people receive a newspaper with an accompanying article template, they tend to be drawn to the vibrant images and design of the template, often overlooking the traditional black-and-white newspaper itself. This is how much an image holds power.

This technique of using visuals stays memorable even after a while, which helps companies build connections with people.

  1.  Expresses emotion 

Emotion is a powerful universal feeling felt by everyone, whether an infant, a grown adult, or an older person. Emotions are expressed by each of them. Visuals have the power to understand and convey people’s emotions better than texts. 

You can evoke sympathy, laughter, or even a few tears with the help of a potent visual narrative.

When a perfect picture with perfect colours, textures, lighting, and background is used in a photograph, people feel connected and recognized. 

  1.  Boosts shareability and engagement

Visuals are the best tools to increase a piece of content’s engagement and reach. Images are more likely to be shared than plain text. A website’s reach will automatically increase when it contains even a slight video, an inspirational image, or an informational gif.

It also benefits you when your visual content overpowers your competitors’ no-image, plain-text content.
The audience is always hungry for attractive content with images, and fulfilling these wishes will only affect your reach and engagement.

  1.  It reaches beyond social media

When it comes to social media, visuals used for marketing make a big impact. Instagram, Twitter, and many more channels are used for either entertainment or news. Content that attracts people to their “for you” page will be clicked by them, and your engagement will increase. 

Hence, social media might be the best place to interact and learn about your audience by using attractive images and posts. Plus, content can also be reshaped into something new, i.e., a blog post into an Instagram post, emails, podcasts, and much more.

  1.  Raises retention

When you have an ample amount of content to distribute, do it with visuals rather than just plain text. Informative images help increase retention and attract more leads. A single YouTube short gains more than 30 billion views per day; hence, there’s no lack of content in this generation. What is lacking are the ideas and processes of how to distribute content smartly and wisely.

Make use of colourful and eye-catching images or videos because people will definitely see what they’re forced to show, even an ad they want to skip, but professionally written content won’t be noticed even after making people forcefully read it.

Wrap up

People’s ability to comprehend, retain, and even interact with information is influenced by visuals. The visuals have an impact on how the content is perceived by viewers and how it performs in organic search.

Use this to your advantage and equip yourself with a camera, a sharp eye, and a dash of creativity, and watch as your content soars to new heights of success thanks to your images! Enhance your messaging with images and other visuals to help readers (and search engines) understand your content more quickly and effectively. Contact Content Fayah today to create and customize visuals just to your liking and professionalism!