Disruptive, startling, disorderly, or intrusive. These words may not sound positive in day-to-day sentences or actions, but they have a marvelous effect on marketing lives. 

Marketing is a unique place where new creations and innovations never disappoint in their ability to entertain and satisfy people.

Since people are the source of all services, we are all aware of the audience’s constant desire for new, inventive, and contemporary offerings. They’ve been too cooperative to work with the same old technologies and fashions. Because of this, marketers are constantly looking for fresh, original content for their audiences.

Disruptive innovations have created a buzz among merchants and marketers. They are very aware of how crucial it is to use the “disruptive innovations” that are a staple of contemporary civilized marketing. Customers are undoubtedly happy with it as businesses move forward and implement this tactic. 

Without further ado, let’s explore this subject in depth.

What is Disruptive Innovation content marketing?

In 1997, Harvard professor Clayton Christensen provided the following definition of the term “disruptive innovation” as, “A procedure by which a smaller business with fewer resources can successfully challenge long-standing newly elected companies.”

Although the term is a new trend that marketers are excited to use in their work, the process was executed for many years before the term was even coined. Disruptive innovations come from all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, agriculture, education, transportation, financial services, and many others.

Disruptive innovations have given startup companies a chance to rise and shine after putting their game plan into action. With the right resources and enough budget, this strategy helps creators get a kick.

Benefits of a disruptive marketing strategy

You might wonder why you would want to incorporate innovations when you already have a complete marketing strategy in place, but these advantages of disruptive innovation may change your thoughts.

  1. It meets your customers’ expectations.

Who doesn’t enjoy their work when they do it correctly? But your work is considered good when your audience is satisfied. Customers are like young infants; new things and practices always catch their attention. Disruptive innovation will help you meet your customer’s expectations and earn their trust when done right. Bring new services and products to the market, and tell your audience about all the amazing jobs that you can do for them. It increases your reach and their expectations. 

  1. It helps you stay competitive

As discussed earlier, every industry can innovate and incorporate disruptive marketing, which not only increases your competition but also challenges you to do more and more. You and your business are not the only ones to get the benefits of disruptive innovations, there are a ton of other companies doing their best to ace this trend. This process of innovation pays off for your brand and keeps your niche competitive.

  1. It helps you stay updated on new technologies

Marketing has come such a long way through all the years; innovations and technologies keep coming, and keeping up with them sometimes gets difficult. A disruptive marketing strategy allows you to stay up to date on all the new buzz about technology. Be it social media or mobile marketing, innovations will keep you on trend.

How to create disruptive innovation.

Use inside story

Running a business either brings good or bad comments, or sometimes both. It’s up to the man behind the screen, reading all the comments, to decide how he takes it in. Therefore, starting with a new marketing strategy might not bring critics to your side. 

Be ready for negative and positive responses from your audience, and give them time to adapt to your new niche and strategy. Your goal is to start a new way of working while also understanding what it depends on.

Make use of your audience’s reaction, listen to them properly, and take notes from the businesses of your competitors you admire the most. 

Discover the reason behind your flopwork.

Failures help you learn from your mistakes, it shouldn’t make you a loser. Learn that not every disruptive innovation turns out to be a big hit, few go flop, while few don’t even try giving it another chance. 

Be consistent and have patience, When a movie fails, it doesn’t stop the director from making more movies, and that is exactly what you have to do. Keep making more innovations and trying new things. Your resources and lack of patience shouldn’t stop you from crafting something that goes above and beyond your expectations. 

Run A/B Tests

With the help of the effective technique of A/B testing, you can compare the effectiveness of two iterations of a digital asset to see which one connects with your audience more strongly. A/B testing divides your audience into two groups and serves each group a different version of the asset, whether it be landing pages, display ads, marketing emails, or social media posts. This data enables you to identify the option that performs the best and engages the audience the most.

Disruptive marketing vs traditional marketing

“Is disruptive marketing better than traditional marketing because it’s something new and full of technology?” absolutely not. Disruptive marketing being a new trend and traditional marketing being old-fashioned does not agree with the fact that they have a huge difference. Traditional methods have been a source of success for almost all successful companies for many years. Just because innovations and creations are updated every year doesn’t mean they will change the way of life in the future.

Artificial intelligence is one of the best examples to make you understand how disruptive marketing might not be better than traditional marketing. Bots and machine learning might be taking over the world’s finest industry jobs, but they can never compete with human resources. AI and robots cannot understand human emotions, which concludes that traditional marketing might be better than disruptive marketing. 

After all, who wouldn’t choose the original human version over the artificially computerized one? No matter how fast and hard AI does our work for us, somewhere or another, we all need that one piece of art that is created by talent and not by a computer.

Traditional marketing understands people on a deeper level; it connects with them and provides them with the best quality content they can expect. AI and bots are computers that work efficiently and consistently, which is indeed very beneficial for a creator, but at the same time, they do not understand and feel human emotions and provide them with something out of the box.


Taking everything into account and going through the complete guide, are you now ready to create some blockbuster disruptive innovation content for your marketing strategy? 

Since it is time you understand why marketing needs you to incorporate disruptive innovation, you might now bring ideas to life and be willing to upend the status quo. 

Be ready and don’t be afraid of the new challenges; you will undoubtedly achieve the desired results if you continue to test innovative and disruptive content marketing strategies.

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