Lately, Amazon A+, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), has generated a lot of talk and discussion among sellers. 

Selling your product internationally is not as easy as it sounds. You have to make sure your product is appealing to a large audience to be sold there.

A+ content is a useful tool for product listing optimization to boost sales and views. This enables exporters and international vendors to change the photographs, words, and product descriptions so that clients can understand what you’ve created, the materials you utilized, the designs, etc.

You’ve certainly heard a lot about this, but have you ever questioned whether the hype is justified? In this article, let’s learn more.

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is simply the most effective way for sellers to share their enhanced brand stories, with features such as high-quality lifestyle images, high-definition video content, and enhanced product descriptions. 

A+ Content allows merchants to change the product description of their branded ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) by using rich texts and embedded videos in product descriptions.

Rich content like photographs, videos, product setups, specifications, and product comparisons is available in A+ Content, allowing you to explore deeper features.

According to, A/B tests are also available to optimize conversations using their Manage Your Experiments Tool.

Qualifications for Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content is a vendor program that is accessible only to those who are invited. Professional merchants who are approved as brand owners by the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) are the only ones who have access to Amazon A+ content.

A+ content is available only for seller and vendor centrals.

Seller Central: 

  • Sellers who have registered with ABR, or professional sellers, can avail themselves of the basic features of A+ content.
  • Seller Central has the feature of enhanced brand material
  • It is open to everyone
  • It is for third-party sellers who sell directly to customers through Amazon
  • It has limited options for advertising.

Vendor Central:

  • Merchants who are approved as brand owners by Amazon are invited to use A+ content.
  • Vendor Central has A+ content.
  • It is available only to invitees.
  • It is for first-party sellers who sell under the name of Amazon.
  • It has multiple options for advertising.

Premium A+ (A++) Content

Premium A+ is basically the pro version of A+ content. Here, you have more features than just the basic features of A+ content. It provides larger visuals, improved comparison charts, and more interactive modules with content that goes above and beyond the standard A+. 

This function was initially restricted to brand-registered vendors or those using Amazon Launchpad. But now brand-registered retailers are also welcome to use it. 

Steps to create Amazon A+ content

As was previously mentioned, in order to access the features of A+ content, Amazon must first approve you as the brand owner. Hence, after being approved, you will be able to add A+ content to products that are approved as brand catalogs. Click here to download the Amazon Seller App.

Following are the 10 simple steps to creating Amazon A+ content:

  1. Log into your Seller or Vendor Central account.
  2. Go to merchandising and click on A+ Content Manager.
  3. Moving forward, you will find two options here: “self-service” and “Amazon builds”. select the one you want to opt for
  4. On selecting “self-service”, you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter the ASIN or the content you wish to create. 
  5. After entering the ASIN, you have to choose any 5 Build Layout modules out of 12 (10 Standard, 2 Advanced) 
  6. On the other hand, if you select “Amazon Builds”, you’ll be redirected to a page where you just have to upload texts and images on Amazon.
  7. Enter a descriptive and easy-to-remember project name.
  8. Design your layout content according to your tastes and upload it.
  9. Don’t forget to preview it to make sure there are no mistakes.
  10. Click the “Finish” button to upload it once you’re satisfied with the way your listing looks.

After uploading it, Amazon will review your listing, and if it is approved, it will certainly go live in 7 business days. If it is rejected, you can still edit your listing and resubmit.

Cost of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon does not charge you for any A+ content if you are a brand owner enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry Program. You can create and publish A+ content using the Amazon A+ Content Manager tool at literally no cost.

However, according to, the self-service module costs about $400 USD per listing, and Amazon Builds costs about $1500 USD per listing. 

Benefits of A+ Content

  1. Digital shopping experience: Customers that purchase A+ Content gets a thorough comprehension of the product, which can only be experienced virtually. Conversion rates and graphic traffic increase for better evaluations and an enhanced user experience.
  2. 10% higher sales: As mentioned above, A+ content boosts conversation rates, which results in A+ content having 10% higher sales than non-A+ content products.
  3. Creates a strong impression: A+ content makes your product stand out among the other listed products, depending on the visuals and descriptions.
  4. Easy to skim: with the help of big, bright pictures and texts, A+ content makes your product easy to showcase.
  5. Appealing to different types of customers: Every customer is different and unique. Some consumers read and understand the complete description provided, while others just understand images and videos. This offers a quick impression and appeals to customers.
  6. Grabs customer’s attention: A+ content shows big, eye-catching, and HD images, which easily grabs the attention of customers.

Wrap Up

A+ content is a great way to increase the conversion rate for your product. However, it may bring up the question “Is it worth it”. The answer to that might not be clear or specified. If you’re a seller who wants to sell products in a dynamic way, A+ content might be the right thing for you. If we acknowledge the ROI, the investment benefits us for long-term growth.

Premium A+ content providing interactive modules, great visuals, and comparison charts is the cherry on top. Get your personalized A+ content with Content Fayah today.